How can I be intelligent with money?

How can I be intelligent with money?

How can I be intelligent with money?


How can I be intelligent with money? I know it is a common question for most people, especially my age. The truth is that our society does not teach us about personal finance or investing. We get told about earning our degree and working for companies for the rest of our lives. We are expected to pay off our houses, cars, and cards — all with no exceptions.

I’ve been saving money since I can remember. My dad taught me the basics of saving. He told me to have a wad of cash in my purse and when the opportunity arose to make a purchase, I would pull out some coins and make my purchase.

How can I be intelligent with money?

I think the first thing to do is to remove any emotional attachment to money and learn how to value things according to their true worth. This means that when we pay for something, we should look at how much it really costs us, not just what our emotions tell us it should cost.

If you buy something that costs $10 and then think “Oh, I’m going to save $5 this month” then you’re probably going to end up spending more than if you had just bought the thing in the first place. So instead of feeling bad about buying something for $10, try thinking “Wow, this is a great deal!”

If you want to get started with this kind of thinking then I recommend reading The Magic Of Thinking Big by David Schwartz. It’s a short book that explains how we can change our mindsets so that we are always looking at situations from an optimistic perspective rather than from a pessimistic one.

Once you have learned how to look at things from an optimistic point of view then it will become easier and easier for you to see opportunities where others would miss them completely.”

I’m going to answer this question by saying that you can’t be intelligent with money. The only way to be intelligent with money is to have enough of it so that you don’t have to worry about it too much.

There are two ways of having enough of it. One is to earn enough so that you never have to worry about it and the other is to inherit enough so that you never have to worry about it.

If you’re one of those people who earn a lot of money and then spend it on things like fancy clothes, cars, and houses, then maybe you should read this article because nobody else in the world has been able to make a living doing something they love as much as writing books or giving speeches.

If on the other hand, your problem is not earning enough money but rather keeping track of where your money goes and making sure it doesn’t disappear down some black hole somewhere in cyberspace, then maybe reading this article might help assuage some guilt or anxiety about having too much money.


While we can’t point you to one strategy or tip that will help you gain intelligence and success with money, we hope that this article gives you a good idea of where to look for answers. Whether it’s reading up on retirement funds, looking into insurance policies, or simply practicing self-control and patience, there are many things you can do to learn how to handle your money better.

In spite of the negative connotations associated with being “frugal,” most people would be better off spending their money wisely. There may not be any happy ending to this story, but we can at least learn from our mistakes. If we remember that there is a life beyond our wallets and learn to be content with what we have, we can all be smart with our money in the future.

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